Thursday, October 09, 2008

McCain henchmen in MY neck of the woods? ...yep.

If you have a McCain lawn sign you're pretty safe, but if you have an Obama sign you had better keep an eye out for midnight assholes.
In my neighborhood as well as many around me the signs are disappearing at a record rate. Looks like some of the less educated supporters of the Republican party are feeling a little nervous with grandpa and Ms. Congeniality's chances of 4 more years of American blight.

We knew it would probably happen when we picked up our sign, but once it did I was more pissed that I expected.

Last night just three days after being posted, some fucking asshole decided to pull the plastic sign off MY yard and take the metal wicket that it needed to stand up. Well, dumb move jerk off - you left me the only part I cared about - the sign itself. Yes once again proving we ARE more educated than you and YES we do look down on you. I took a piece of cardboard, slipped the sign over it, nailed it to a tree in my front yard, then smeared a mix of petroleum jelly and blue food coloring to the blue edges. Next time pea brain stops bye they'll get a handful of permanent blue jelly to fuck up their clothing. Tonight I'll add some staples for a little blood letting. If my sign gets taken I can simply call the police again and tell them to look for some jackass with bloody blue hands. God forbid they find you, you'll be charged with interfering with my freedom of speech, trespassing, and vandalism. Your name gets to be in the papers and you'll have the pleasure of my smiling face in court as you get your fine and I get to watch Obama take the oath of office.

If you have an Obama sign I suggest you rig it well, the Republican militia will surely try to mess with it. Hell I'd sleep on the porch with my BB gun if I didn't have a job to go to.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Time to Move?

We've been tossing the idea around to move for a while now. For a number of reasons it seems like a good idea, and unfortunately there are some compelling reasons to stay put - or at least restrict the move to our own back yard.
To name just a few:

  • we need more space
  • street is too busy
  • we've spent our whole lives in this zip code
  • now or never - or at least not until they kids graduate
  • we can buy more house elsewhere for same price
  • south has less snow and ice
  • closer to work - save gas and time
  • we don't HAVE to move so we can do it on our own terms
  • currently centered within an over developed area

  • kids will miss friends
  • they attend a great school
  • good schools are hard to find
  • expensive
  • pain in the ass
  • need to do some final work on house to get ready
  • current neighborhood is great for walking and visiting
  • located near to everything we need now
Oh well, given the housing industry right now it's best to wait for prices to come down a bit and see what happens after the dust settles. This has an advantage that we could then buy lower and rent our existing house until the market rebounds before we sell.
...or an I just making excuses to delay the inevitable?

Bar-B-Que Season is just around the corner.

And to celebrate the arrival of the new season of grilling, smoking, and Bar-B-Que goodness I am proud to announce the 2008 release of our family sauce. This year we have a different line-up of cooks so the name has been adapted.
Great on everything.

365 Days Later

Since it's a leap year it's already been 365 days later - a day ahead of schedule. It still sucks just the same but bursts of insight and understanding ride in on the swells.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Told ya so...

If blogs were pets mine would starve.
Crap - MySpace is prolly dead by now too...

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Where Days Have No Names

After two weeks on the island, serenity has taken a foothold. It's nice to spend some time where the hours are measured by the tide and the days have no names. I'm surprised it only took a day to get back into 'island slacker' mode.
Nick had never been to the island before but it easliy exceeded his expectations. Tori has filled his head with wild images of ocean waves as big as houses and beaches going on for ever, and at his age they do.
The blue of the crabs' claws is brilliant, who would ever guess something so delicious would eat bait so stinky. The traps are hamemade - just how dad taught me when I was a kid on LBI. Right on the sound, the sunsets reflect onto the ceiling creating a glimmering dance of lights.
I'm still fascinated by old castles, as the setting sun rakes over the eroded sand the light and shaddow have a textured glow - I'll take more pics for my future project.
The ocean has done it again, time to move.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Peace - Bro

Apparently Western Europe is the most peaceful region in the world with Norway boasting the most peaceful country. No real surprises here.
If those darn Danes would stop trying to blow up the Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen they might have had a shot.

heh heh heh "shot..."

Friday, April 13, 2007

Where is the Spring I used to know?

Ok, it's Spring. It doesn't feel like it, it doesn't look like it. The calender says it's here but I need more proof.
Sure the cursed snow and ice have gone, the season of sick is over, and I want Spring.

I'm testy - can you tell? I ha vent posted for a while and coming back to see Blogger in bed with Google isn't making things any better either.

I think my major complaint is that Spring should be life and things growing and enjoying just being. Instead it's two years of death. Last year was Bill then Clayton - a double header of bad times. This year, just three weeks ago, was Dad - say no more. Now Dennis... I think I've had enough.

Spring is flowers, sunshine, thinks growing and living, perfumed breezes. I am growing impatient. May will be better. Cinco de mayo will be here (THE official kickoff celebration of summer says I. If you don't agree you're banished from the other celebrations) and the festivities can begin. Maybe I'll make some more barbecue sauce, that will put a smile on my face. And yours too if you're luck enough to have some. Good on everything suitable to eat. Ribs, burgers, chicken, shrimp - any animal will do, and raw veggies, it's ALL good. That's the beauty of it. Look for it in stores before the end of the century. Guaranteed.

Cold, rain, wind - we've hit the unfortunate weather Trifecta - or Hat trick if you're some puck watchin', syrup drinking, bacon eating, Bryan Adams listenin', Moose lovin' Canadian. Not that I have anything against Canada. After all they gave us Pam Anderson, Bryan Adams, Keanu Reeves, Leonard Cohen, Alanis Morrisette, Celine Dion. Wait! maybe I should hate Canada. They seem to export people who suck. Celine Dion is reason enough to take the whole country and sent them down to Gitmo Bay, they simply cant be trusted. Look at the crap they let slip across the border. Hhhmmm I may be on to something here, Mexico - Emiliano Zapata, Pancho Villa, warm breezes, Margaritas, Cinco de Mayo. Canada - look above for reasons to build the fence up North instead.

Did I mention I'm testy today? You would be too. I have to go now. Yes, I MUST go so don't try to keep me here. Stop it's embarrassing watching you beg. Go back to work, or whatever you were doing.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

I resolve not to

Now where was I? Oh yeah, The Holidays are here and life is still good – lest you forget.

I can’t believe people bake without one of there things. It’s amazing! It’s so pretty – gloss cinnamon colored. It purrs along like a culinary kitten sleeping in a ball of warm rising dough. The bowl raises and lowers to meet the paddle, dough hook, or wire whisk... I can add many lively attachments to make pasta, grind meat or veggies, among other things. It’s simplicity of design and function. It was only $149.00. It’s my KitchenAid 450 watt Professional Stand Mixer and I love it! Good thing its baking season or we’d have way too many cookies sitting around with nowhere to go.

Should any New Years Resolutions be more meaningful now that this pirate has hit 40? Hell I don’t even make resolutions, should I really start now?


Why bother?

I still don’t smoke.

I still drink – get over it.

I still drive too fast on highways – get to the right lane and keep outta my way.

My music is still too loud – but so are the kids.

If looking at pretty girls is wrong I don’t want to be right.

I still appreciate each day – not just survive them, but REALLY focus and appreciate.

I try to learn something new every day.

I think art is it’s own justification.

I never learned to type and don't yet want to.

I AM teaching myself how to play guitar – so far so good.

I still curse – that’s why God gave us those words. (but not in front of the kids, I’m not an animal) If you don’t like profanity then don’t hang around after I cut myself with a table saw.

Nah – no resolutions…like I said before Life is good.